E-Shoppers Find Better Product Range and Availability

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You see it, you buy it…This style of buying is so not practical!

Irrespective of the gender, most shoppers are fond of browsing through rows and rows of products before committing their money on any one. This innate desire of customers to look for umpteen options before buying a single product is born out of deep-rooted sense of rationalism.

When it comes to shopping online in India, the case is no different. The rational Indian shoppers love to browse several products across various ecommerce platforms before making up their mind to buy any product. Of late, many Indian e-buyers are frequently facing frustration as large e-commerce sites fail to provide an extensive range of products across categories. And when they do list a host of brands and products under a category, many are unavailable or out of stock at any point of time.

On the contrary, niche ecommerce sites host a wide range of products that rarely go out of stock. This is the precise reason why an increasing number of Indian online shoppers are choosing these niche ecommerce websites over giant shopping platforms that had been reigning until now. Often, these dedicated websites are owned by people who are passionate about the product or service they are offering. Hence, there are more chances of finding a wide range of high quality products on dedicated platforms than all-in-one shopping platforms.

Many users also feel that online marketplaces specialising in a product or service often provide better rates, higher quality and lower delivery costs as compared to e-commerce giants offering similar products or services, amongst other things. An interesting example is that of online marketplaces dealing in pet products. Niche pet websites such www.pupkart.com or www.headsupfortails.com provide a wide array of pet products that can be sorted according to highly intuitive filters. Several online pet stores also allow you to sort products according your pet type, breed, age or size. Can you ever imagine doing that on Flipkart or Amazon?

But how do users find these dedicated portals that are more focussed on the products they offer than marketing themselves to consumers? Find Shop India enables savvy consumers to search scores of Indian niche ecommerce websites by simply typing a category or a keyword.

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