How fledgling e-tailers are finding their feet in the big bad Indian e-Commerce world

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Pitching Davids against Goliaths
How fledgling e-tailers are finding their feet in the big bad Indian e-Commerce world

Fledgling ecommerce sites on a rise
Fortunately, selling products online is not as daunting or expensive as it used to be few years ago. Earlier, you required a mother of all websites, umpteen servers humming softy in a cold, dark room somewhere and dedicated IT teams to continuously make updates and squish the omnipresent ‘bugs’.

Now, with ready-to-use platforms, cloud-hosting and numerous Plugins and software, pitching up and unfurling an ecommerce website is much less cumbersome and quite affordable, too.

As a result, young businesses are finding it increasingly easier to host their key products and services online for sale; and this is why 25,000+ small, niche ecommerce websites are crowding the digital marketing space each day.

But are they selling?
Yes, few of them are! However, a majority of these small niche ecommerce sites go completely unnoticed by the the online buyers. Ecommerce giants operating in India (read Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart etc.) usually dominate the search engine results and outdo small competitors in deals and offers – thanks to the privy purse given to them by muscled investors.

Why to buy from these niche e-tailers?
Being niche sellers, these sites offer wider variety and better quality products at reasonable prices. Moreover, they are consistent in their offerings and availability of products is rarely an issue, unlike big ecommerce sites.

Listing sites like give a fair chance to small niche sites by listing them neatly under various categories. Users can easily search for these niche sites by simply typing a keyword, product or category. is not a world inhabited by heavily funded ecommerce sites. Here you find humble beginnings with zeal to serve better. Log on to search and discover small and dedicated e-commerce sites that not only offer greater variety but also better quality.

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