Helping Shoppers Navigate the e-Commerce World

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Indians are shopping online extensively, preferring mobiles to desktops. In fact, the Indian e-commerce industry is projected to be worth $100-105 billion by the year 2021.

But, do you know the key drivers responsible for the staggering growth in the industry?

According to a report published by Neilsen in 2015, advertising, peer influence and recommendations are the three main drivers influencing the decisions of online shoppers across devices.

According to the same report, other factors playing a significant part in shifting consumer preferences from visiting physical stores to simply logging onto their favourite websites are increased savings in the form of discounts (that online retailers can pass on to the consumer by saving on the cost of maintaining and selling through brick-and-mortar stores), the convenience of shopping from the comfort of their homes, office and on-the-go, and the limited quantity and designs to choose from in a physical store (due to space and other logistical constraints) as compared to the hundreds of options available online at any point in time.

The question, however, remains: How does an online shopper choose one portal over another? Undeniably, customer reviews play an important part. But is it possible that consumers are unaware of several niche e-commerce portals providing high quality services and products but overshadowed by the e-commerce giants pumping millions into marketing and, consequently, pushing several small yet niche ecommerce startups to the nether pages of search results? is an online portal that helps consumers discover new and lesser-known ecommerce sites that are recognised for their impeccable service and differentiating product categories. To find a specialised retailer catering to your need, you can simply search across several categories or do a keyword search to discover the best clothing sites, top gifting sides, etc. Of course, there are shopping site reviews from real customers to guide your choice.

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