Business User Guidelines

Last updated on 13 Feb 2019

In addition to Terms & Conditions, following guidelines are apply to registered business users.

  1. Inviting customers to write a review

  • A customer is someone who has purchased or placed an order for a product or service from your company.
  • The customer should have digital proof of correspondence or communication made with your company during the purchase.
  • You must invite customers in an unbiased manner without being selective about specific customer group categorised based on any criteria.
  • Language used in review invitation must be neutral and must not influence user’s behaviour towards company. 


  1. Replying to reviews

  • The replies written by you will be visible publicly. The replies should not be unlawful, derogatory, defamatory or hateful in violation of the our polices.
  • We may delete replies which violate our platform guidelines without giving any notice.


  1. False reviews

  • FindShop does not accept fabricated reviews from users that do not reflect actual shopping experience.
  • Your company employees, former employees, their family members and any 3rdparty agency which you may have hired for your brand marketing must not write reviews that endorse your company.


  1. Review reporting & removal 

  • We will not remove a genuine review. If user is unhappy with your company then you must reply for other users to see & try to resolve the issue amicably.
  • You can report a review you believe to be fake. We will verify your claim and take appropriate action.


  1. Other Terms

  • We do not tolerate any abuse or threats against employees. Any such behaviour will be considered as breach of agreement leading to blocking of your business account.
  • We may block a company account anytime, without giving any notice if we believe that business user is violating platform guidelines.