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 Arvind Gunsola's review for Macmerise.com

Arvind Gunsola

2 years ago  

I have ordered a mobile cover from this website macmerise.com from r Rs.299 which was Rs.599 before without discount. So when i recieved it, the cover was completely different colour with very low quality and it was damaged too. It seems the actual price of that cover supposed to be Rs.70. When i message them on there whatsapp support number i got some bot replies ..but after that no reply and then i call them then also a recorded voice came but then they don't connected me with there customer support guy even i tried 10 times but no response...and when i checked truecaller it shows the number is from bihar ...it seems to be a perfect scam to me because you can't report them for their third quality product being sold in 6 times greater price sometime 3 times when they announce a discount ..but now i checked again and it's price is Rs.699. Don't buy guys don't buy from there ..be careful

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